Using a Delivery Stick – Solution Guide

Use some of the following tips to adjust the delivery.

  1. Rock Rotation – rock does not have 3 rotations for the length of the ice.
    • Too few rotations –

      • Increase the amount of angle on the rock –  (For clockwise) Instead of 10:00, make it 9:30 or even 9:00.

      • Increase the speed of wrist rotation – imagine opening a doorknob and turn your wrist a little faster.

    • Too many rotations –

      • Reduce the angle on the rock – make it 11:00.

      • Slow down the wrist rotation.

      • Do not over rotate your wrist past 12:00.

  2. Hitting the Broom – Either inside or outside the broom.
    • Ensure you are walking or sliding straight towards the broom.

    • Ensure the delivery stick is directly aligned with, or aimed along the intended path or line of delivery.

    • Ensure the end of the delivery stick is near the belly button.

    • Ensure the release is straight toward the skip’s broom.

    • Ensure you follow through and not stop abruptly.

    • The final arm extension should not be a jab but a very smooth extension while continuing to walk or slide towards the skip’s broom.

  3. Throwing too light or too heavy.
    • Too Light

      • Quicken the pace of walking or sliding.

      • Develop a stronger arm extension.

      • Position the non-hack foot behind the hack before moving forward – start the delivery by stepping forward.

    • Too Heavy

      • Reduce the pace of walking or sliding.

      • Release the rock a little sooner.

      • Develop a weaker arm extension