Rule Changes and Updates for 2023-24

2022 BC Womens Champions
Margaret Campbell, Tammy Hughes


In response to a number of inquiries, the CSCA Provincial Representatives & Executive Committee have considered the question of whether or not the centre-line no-tick rule should be implemented in 2-person stick curling.

The decision has been reached to accept the recommendation of the Rules Committee NOT to implement the no-tick rule.

The following addition has been made to the CSCA Rules document.

Rule 6 (Play of the Game): F: There is no application of the centre-line no-tick rule in 2-person stick play – stones touching the centreline may be moved off the centre-line by the second or third shot played in each end (but may not be removed from play).

The Canadian Stick Curling Association Rules Committee and Provincial Representatives have approved a number of rules changes and updates to the CSCA Rules & Interpretation Guide.

These changes have been published on the CSCA website ( in a re-formatted rules document which comprises CSCA Rules and Interpretation Guide along with Curling Canada and World Curling Federation information about use of delivery sticks in those jurisdictions.

Changes being implemented for 2023-24 will have no dramatic effect on the way the 2-person stick game is played. However, they do respond to several recently asked questions about competitive play.

Notably, the following have been added to the CSCA’s rules.



Each player must use, for the entire game, the delivery stick which is used for delivery of the first stone of the game.


i. Any commercially available non-hair curling brush may be used in 2-person stick competition.

ii. The same brush and brush head must be used for the entire game.

iii. WCF approved brush heads are not required.


Both a two-gripper walking delivery and a one-gripper sliding delivery are permitted. Any footwear must provide safety and stability for the player, be clean, and may not negatively impact ice conditions.


If a team does not commence play at the designated time (unless otherwise stated by the rules governing the competition or league play)

a) If the delay of the start of play is 1-10 minutes, then the non- offending team receives one (1) point and will have last stone in the first end of actual play. One (1) end is considered completed;

b) If the delay of the start of play is 11-20 minutes, then the non- offending team receives one (1) additional point and will have last stone in the first end of actual play. Two (2) ends are considered completed;

c) If play has not started after 20 minutes, then the non-offending team is declared winner by forfeit. The final score shall be recorded as ‘W’ and ‘L’ (win – loss).


(note – this item has always been in the Interpretation Guide but was not included in the actual rules.)

a) Once a player’s first stone has been delivered, the delivering party must use that delivery position for the duration of the game.

Included in the INTERPRETATION GUIDE is the following notation:

Adjustable stick: Delivery sticks which are designed to be adjustable include but are not limited to those with the type of head commonly utilized by wheelchair players (adaptable to change rotation) and commercially available sticks with extension handles (adaptable to change length). These may be used by a player using a standing or sitting (in a wheelchair) delivery.

A next round of rules amendment discussions will take place at the CSCA Annual General Meeting in Toronto in April/2024. Suggestions and rules queries for the consideration of the Rules Committee should be directed to CSCA Rules Committee Chair Resby Coutts (